Hybrid Dentures and Implants

Dental implants have changed the way that professionals treat tooth loss. Implant dentistry restores oral function so that patients can enjoy a variety of foods without difficulty or discomfort. While dental implants are commonly associated with single-tooth replacement, a series of dental implants can be used to support full sets of dentures. With hybrid dentures, edentulous patients enjoy the cost-effective nature of dentures with the additional security that dental implants can provide.

Our team at Callaway Family Dental provides custom-made dentures secured to dental implants for optimal oral function after total tooth loss.

How Hybrid Dentures Work

Hybrid dentures address complete tooth loss. These dentures draw on dental implants for support. A dental implant is a metal component that is used to hold restorations and prosthetic teeth in place. Embedded into the jawbone, a dental implant essentially replaces the lost root structures of teeth. With bone holding them in place, strategically placed dental implants can secure an entire arch of prosthetic teeth.

Hybrid dentures are custom made so that they fit comfortably and provide a beautiful restoration of one’s smile. Dentures are constructed from materials like porcelain, which perfectly mimic biological tooth structure, and pink-tinted acrylics so that they blend beautifully into the gingiva.

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Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

When compared to conventional dentures, implant-supported prosthetic teeth provide unique advantages. Since these prosthetic teeth are retained by dental implants, patients enjoy stronger biting force during the oral function to chew food comfortably and efficiently. Implants will hold dentures in place so that they do not slide or move during meals or when speaking.

Other benefits to choosing hybrid dentures include:

  • Low maintenance – implant-supported dentures are easy to clean and care for
  • A youthful appearance – wearing hybrid dentures fills out the mouth and cheeks for a youthful aesthetic
  • Bone health – dental implants prevent bone atrophy by keeping the jawbone active. Bone deterioration is a common side effect of tooth loss

Candidacy for Hybrid Dentures

Candidates for hybrid dentures need to be healthy enough to undergo minor oral surgery. They should abstain from smoking, commit to practicing thorough oral hygiene, and receive routine checkups and cleanings.

We recommend scheduling a consultation at Callaway Family Dental to determine whether this tooth replacement method meets your needs. Your consultation will include a physical examination and an opportunity to discuss your lifestyle habits and concerns with our caring team. Consultations are a great time to ask questions about your treatment options.

Common Dentures/Hybrids Questions

What is a fixed hybrid denture?

A fixed hybrid denture is a tooth replacement treatment option that anchors a set of custom-made dentures to a series of dental implants. Unlike conventional dentures, which rest on the gums and are supported by the curve of the jaw, hybrid dentures draw on support from dental implants that are placed directly into the jawbone. These dentures are securely fixed in place, allowing patients to enjoy lifelike oral function and easy maintenance.

Hybrid dentures offer unique advantages when compared to traditional dentures. Since these replacement teeth are anchored by dental implants, they will not slide around when speaking or during meals. Implants help patients maintain a youthful appearance, too, since they slow down the process of bone atrophy (a common side effect of tooth loss). Hybrid dentures are easy to care for because they are not removed for cleaning and soaking.

How long does it take to get used to hybrid dentures?

There is an adjustment period for becoming accustomed to wearing dentures. For the most part, many people get used to wearing hybrid dentures in a couple of weeks. It is beneficial to eat liquid foods like smoothies and soups, along with soft items like steamed vegetables, while adjusting to hybrid dentures. Cutting your food into small pieces is also recommended during the adjustment period.

How do you clean permanent denture implants?

Cleaning permanent denture implants is not much different from caring for your natural teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, which are removed for cleaning and soaking, you will brush your dentures twice a day using a very soft toothbrush.

Since food and debris can accumulate under your prosthetic teeth, it’s important to thoroughly clean under your dentures. Toothpick-like plastic flossers can help remove leftover food and water irrigators are great for flushing out debris beneath dentures. When it comes to purchasing brushes, toothpaste, and flossers, our team is happy to recommend oral hygiene products specifically designed for hybrid dentures.